This country is obsessed

With fat. Fat this, fat that,

Doesn’t she look fat in that?

Do I look fat in this? How

Many calories of saturated

Fats? How do I lose that

Stubborn BELLY FAT? How

Do I win the belly flat contest?

Like Killer abs, and killer buns,

Thighs, and no-flab arms, lots

Of my new muscle toning, I want

To tighten up, get it all up and in.


Get cut up and laser surgery. HAIR?

No way! I’m not going to let HAIR on

My body show. Move the fat off of

Those thighs, get the cellulite to

Hide. Those stubborn fifteen pounds,

Skip dessert, eat only meats, eat ANY-


We’ll fix your meals. No more thinking

About your food, just get HUNGRY,

HUNGRY, HUNGRY. When will this country

Realize – happy, and healthy, they are both

Twins in the life of a stable, and balanced

Person. First you take care of your

Body – then your body will take good

Care of you. Treat your life and your-

Self well, and your body will look

Good and be strong for you. You’ll

See, how EASY it can be, when you

Start within and move outward, your

Body is simply a reflection of your life,

Your thoughts, and your reactions.


It carries your pain, your fat, your rage,

And your hate. It’s all related to your

Insides, they create the insides of you.

Good luck – and those who lose one hundred

Pounds or more, when they gain another hundred

And fifty, why do they miss the living score?

It’s in your heart, and healthy heart. Arteries

CAN be blocked with rage and hate. Let your

Anger leave you. Bring peace into your life.

Stress will fight your body and turn yourself

Against you. Love yourself and your body, too.

You are one and the same being, not different.


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3 Responses to This country is obsessed

  1. Carly-Dee says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Very well written!

  2. abigler42 says:

    This is so true!

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