So Teenage-Angster?

I got angry. So the fuck what?

My mom still treats me like a baby.

So I cried for my old room, and I finally

Got it. Guess what? Memory foam,

Memory foam mattress is right, so

Completely right.


I woke up with memories of

My old ex-boyfriend fucking

Me, so good. I thought of

Every position we had.

Just putting the sheets on

Reminded me of the man I

Had who first heard me cum,

On the microphone and head set.

I remembered the ex-fiance I have

Who did not touch me – for we then

Were living religious laws, and I was

Lying in bed, and he almost touched

Me. He pretended to finger me, and

I was overwhelmed with pleasure –

We had never touched. It was only

In my head.


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