Exhaustion, crying, victim

Talk, I know it was the other day.

I’ve learned sometimes, it’s not

Your pride, that’s getting in your way.


Thick, brick walls will not help,

In your life the energy suckers

Plenty. You know what you resist

Persists, therefore, it’s time to

Plunge into you – new growth.


Expanding wide and new you,

Whole and better than yesterday.

Because life is worth learning to

Share your even space, again, with



Sometimes it’s pain, harsh, or cruel,

Or baby sides of the adults you know.

However, keeping dignity and pride

And justice, where due, will save you

In the long run.


Changing who I am, is not what I do.

It’s part of growing up. I’m not

Who I was ten years past, and

Therefore not who I was yes,

Even since before the sun rose



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3 Responses to Yesterday

  1. RisingSong says:

    Very strong poem!

    The third stanza is difficult for me to hear, but a significant part of the poem. I was particularly drawn to the last stanza. Sometimes, we are reluctant to accept the changes that we go through. Your words remind us that these changes are an acceptable and natural part of growing.

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