Backyard’s Dream

I drove out in the country,
Right by US highway 20.

I walked out to the “Backyard”
And I saw the chickens plenty.

Their plumage: red, and buff,
Barred, and silver laced.

It was beauty like I’ve never
Seen, in plain traditions’ taste.

The birds were beautiful, gentle,
Mild, full of feathered love.

I held one hen and she was I
And I felt full of love.

I stepped out in the grass and air
And felt my worries fade.
For in this life out on the farm,
What else is there to crave?

I found the “This,” the “it,” the
Home – the reason for my life worth
Living. I found the peaceful spirit
Heart, I know for worlds on beating.

I drove back in the city, and I felt
Crowded and despair.
The tight and kept-in spaces, I
Felt desperate for air.

I know my troubles, worries, hates,
And fat and fears and all do fade –
When I live in the countryside
And raise my own hens one day.


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