I feel sick.

I woke up at 6am,

Sweating profusely,

In my T-shirt, and cold

Weather outside.


I got up to use the bathroom,

And I remembered, why

I was sweating. I was

Sweating in my dream.


I was watching a gospel

Choir and singing along

With them in the seats.

Watching them, a choir

Coordinator heard me.

And told me, “What beauty,”

She wanted me in the choir.


Before sleeping that night,

I was on Facebook, and I

Wanted to look at my crush

On Facebook, and I didn’t –

So I didn’t. I felt good about that.


In the dream, she had me on stage

To join the performance. I was

Sweating, so wet, everything.

I started to sing, and there he was,

My crush.


He was in a small, black, folding chair,

Near me, so closely, I thought he was

Not part of the stands, at all. I felt

Terrified, sweating from Stage Fright

And from him, listening.


I finished singing, and I held out

My hand to touch his, already

Reaching out to me. It was slow,

In my mind now, remembering it

And writing, like slow-motion, like

It was impossible. I’ve never touched –


His palm was sweaty, just as sweat,

Slippery as my own, he gripped my

Hand as firm,


She said, “I guess there was tension

In the performance,”


And he said, to her, while looking

At me,


“Listening to her had given me tension,


If you know what I mean.”


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