Whispers Beneath Us

Although there is quiet

And barren landscape,

All is not silent under

Tow. Seedlings and bulbs

Are working tirelessly,

Laboriously in their

Spirited magic of their

Way, as has been

For millions of years.


Their sprouts emerge

And human beholds.

“Hey, mother universe.

Blessing us, calling.”


But the sprout is

Humble, in quiet

Wisdom. It demands

No credit for its efforts,

Its growths: gifts of beauty,

Food, and self-cleaning,

Self-feeding system.


It is alive and breathing energy.


We are all one.




One, We are all Same.


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2 Responses to Whispers Beneath Us

  1. RisingSong says:

    Beautiful poem for spring. After reading it, I potted a rosemary and a cabbage that had been given to my daughter, but I had not had the emotional energy to plant.

    Thanks 🙂

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