My life is so much – beautiful times. (Beauty)

I never knew that life could have

So much beauty in it for me. I know

Things now like pain is change, and

That only through changing – this is

After all, what life is really about, will

I have and find my true insides, true

Peace and love and happiness and

Safety and healthy pride.

So I will high and up and stride.

To my new beginnings, each moment

Of each day that I’m breathing, I will

Feel I am a loving being. I have hope and

Pride and goodwill for my life, me, myself

And for my world, and all.


Because without loving my own body, my

Own mind, my own heart, spirit, and container,

Why – how I could possibly love someone else?

You are filled with love, and endless flowing in your

Heart, when you see that living and living things

Are all the same. They are in this just like you,

Existing and living in change.


Love your soul and love your spirit, love your

Heart and all that’s in it. You are all, the sun,

Moon, stars, and light; the light of your life will

Not diminish – when you share with all around you,

Loving and living in it.


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2 Responses to My life is so much – beautiful times. (Beauty)

  1. wonderfully healthy way to tackle life kudos for writing this!!!

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