What is that word?

And what does it mean?

Shame, and pain.

But why? Does it have to mean

Scandalized? By the drug test –

Claire, who I gave to her, urine.

Whatever it takes, anything to let me stay in,

Give me a place to live in. Spend the night.


But Homelessness is not a word.

Just a house you need, to live in.

Only a state of mind –


Your home is where your heart resides.

You are your home so you can

Never leave your home behind.


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2 Responses to Homelessness

  1. this one reminds me of my brother, strangely homeless by choice. It made me sad that he realized happiness by releasing so many restraining ties. He is gone now and I understand him more now than then, when I judged him because I cared. Thank you for this poem

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