Like My fluffy yellow Dragon

Black and Purple Polka Dots, with Zany colorful persuasion.

Sometimes of the now and knowing, never of the forget or going,

Sometimes you know when things are slowing, never

Really knowing, how you got yourself to going,

To the strange and loopy, lopsided, flowing

Aparts from the world that when you left it know –

The blue and yellow-headed dragon would be there,

Sometimes never there, although you know there – you have dreamed

About it.

Something political and Zoological, about this purple-headed, fire-

Breathing dragon they call poopsy, or popsy, or something like pop-scicles.

You knew now you know how, when you slightly turned and sewn the night,

Into star dusts, and clementines.

So when you, know you want to do or speak, you will now remember, the blue and yellow-

Headed fire-breathing dragon called by sometimes poopsy, or popsy.

Useful is our time, or really of the many criminal signs, or activity, or water-keeping after

They say it’s safety, safely kept away, while the planet’s pissed away, our own

Resources. It’s likely the air we need to breathe and encompasses our lively needs.


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